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People who know us would all say the same thing: we like to do things a bit differently here at Blue Bowl

So your products aren't listed under the room they are found in, or who you are buying them for.
Instead you can look for the material they are made from.
This stems from a long standing fascination of how things are made and a love of things that are made to last. We hope that this will come out in the selection of items we have carefully selected to be on this website. 

So a chopping board will obviously be listed under WOOD, and a notebook under PAPER. Some of our items might not be as obvious as this, and some might be made of two materials. Don't worry, they'll be listed under both collections. For example, the great lightweight Kaweko fountain pen is listed under PLASTIC & METAL.

Panic not, you can also search for items using the handy Search tool in the top right hand corner, and we have created three themed areas if you just need a bit of inspiration. 

So if you need a present for the man, woman or child in your life look no further. 
Also don't forget that we are here to help, send us an email using our contact us form if you want to talk it through. 

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