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Blue Bowl - Carefully Curated Presents

We spend a lot of time here at Blue Bowl HQ thinking about presents and work hard to take the hassle out of present giving. Florence Drake Blue Bowl

Blue Bowl combines a carefully curated selection of presents online with a gift finding service. We like to combine old faves with new, well designed and beautiful things. Florence and her team can source anything, from jewellery, stationery and beautiful ceramics to handmade children's toys.

Set up in 2015 by Florence, who has always loved presents. The excitement of opening presents as a child has never quite left her, and that feeling is now only rivalled by 
watching someone she loves open their present and shooting her an enormous grin! 

Florence's friends will tell you that she likes stuff. There is always too much stuff. But she also really enjoys travel, that feeling of leaving everything behind and going on an adventure. 

These two passions, as well as her experience in the jewellery trade meant that she was often called on to help her friends find their wives birthday presents. As fun as it was, shopping for other people in her spare time, she came up with idea of helping people find the perfect present on a more permanent basis. The website has evolved from a suggestions blog into a full blown online shop and gift service. 

Some people just don't have enough time to trawl for the perfect present, or maybe they need a nudge in the right direction. Blue Bowl with its combination of direct present search and online stock items can help. Nothing is ever too bright or bizarre, distinctive or discreet. With five brothers, Florence has found, over the years, that giving presents isn't as easy as looking something up on amazon the week before their birthday. Good presents take time, love and a little bit of Blue Bowl! 

If you'd like to see any other products listed on our site please let us know. We are always open to new ideas and try to keep our range moving whilst always stocking some of our classic presents. 

For more info on Blue Bowl you can head over to the blog
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