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Christmas Shopping Dates 2022

October 31 2022

Christmas Shopping dates for 2022 are now live! 

Open Studios 2021

October 11 2021

We are really excited to be having our first open studio here in Rampisham, West Dorset. 

2021 Christmas Shopping Dates

September 27 2021

It is that time of year again, Christmas Shopping! 

Florence will be bringing some of the Blue Bowl products to the events in this post. If you would like to order anything in advance to make sure you get what you want please use the 'collection' option at checkout.

Christmas Pig Ornament

Christabel Bielenberg - The Past is Myself

November 12 2020

Now available in a beautiful duck egg blue cloth bound cover, this book is a book you must read. Buy it now here.

Christabel Bielenberg

Helen Hanff, 84, Charing Cross Road

November 12 2020

Why had no one told me about this book? It is utterly enchanting. 


May 20 2020

Christmas Edit 2019

November 17 2019

Leap of Leopards


Roman Novels by Rosemary Sutcliff

October 28 2019

We have totally fallen for Rosemary Sutcliff’s Roman novels.  Two are available now in beautiful limited edition hardback, the remaining two coming out on 1st September 2020. To make sure you get the same limited edition numbers we are selling them as set of four, two now and two in 2020. 

Christmas Shopping 2018

October 14 2018

Bronze Christmas Leopard Blue Bowl
Wahooo, the season is nearly upon us, and to celebrate we are doing a host of different fairs so you can see some of our new products. 

To see the dates and our learn more about our snazzy new collection system please read on! 

Early Early Christmas Fair

September 16 2018

Early Early Christmas Fair Tidworth

I'm really excited to be attending the Early Early Christmas Fair this year in Tidworth. 

Jennie Erdal - Ghosting

August 16 2018
Ghosting instantly transports you to the 80's publishing world, with chaotic offices and big characters, namely 'Tiger'. But this book isn't all fun, there is also the confusing world of growing up in a mining village in Fife with parents who didn't answer questions and hid secrets around every corner. 

March Meet the Maker - Week 3

March 15 2018

Florence Drake and Ouch Dog Blue BowlHere I am. Being cheerful. With Ouch and my sewing machine.

I've really enjoyed this week.

Being around other creatives really helps when trying to work out how to keep you all interested in my feed.

I also love taking Ouch to my fairs, she joins in with whatever I throw at her!  

March Meet the Maker - Week 2

March 14 2018
Neon Pink Lino ZebraWeek two of this challenge has been, well challenging! 

When you are at your desk all day it is totally feasible to post one instagram post per day - but when you are chasing around setting up for fairs and fighting with the Royal Mail who have ballsed up another delivery, well it just means that instagram isn't top on the list! 

But fear not, some exiting things happened anyway - not least this pink zebra which was a first attempt at some lino printing. He still needs his eyes and hooves, but I think he is pretty cool! 

March Meet the Maker - Week 1

March 7 2018

Florence Drake Blue Bowl

On 1st March I messaged my friend
 Kay Barker and said go on, I will if you will. I'm already regretting it!! 

What was I talking about? A lovely lady I follow on instagram called Joanne Hawker started a month of insta posts that anyone can join in on. Each helps you tell the story of your creative business. 

Without a second thought Kay went ahead and posted Day 1. She is good like that. CRAP. Now I was in whether I liked it or not!!

So I thought I'd give you a flavour of that journey, week by week. Here goes...

Spring Shopping Dates

February 27 2018

We've been hibernating, designing new products and now we are all geared up to come out and about! 2018 is going to be an exciting year for Blue Bowl, so keep your eyes peeled for our shows and come and see us! 

London Christmas Shopping Dates 2017

August 22 2017

We love coming up to London, and what better reason than to show you our new stock?
London Christmas shopping

Hampshire Christmas Shopping Dates 2017

August 22 2017
Some dates for your diary! Or check out these London dates, more added each week! 
Blue Bowl Christmas shopping 2017

Jao Brand Low Down!

August 17 2017

Those of you that know me know that I've been going on about Goe Oil for quite some time now!! I thought it might be useful for those of you who haven't tried any Jao Brand products for me to give you the low down.

Jao Brand Product Medley


October 11 2016

Because we know that paying for postage is totally overrated, we've ganged up with the newsagents in New Alresford who will kindly keep your order until you are ready to go and pick it up. 
Sunset in Alresford

John Hackett - I Was a Stranger

September 21 2016
John Hackett
This book is less a war memoir than a story of friendship – a celebration of the quiet heroism of three Dutch women who put their safety after the safety of this, to them, unknown soldier. 

Anthony Rhodes - Sword of Bone

August 24 2016

The latest limited edition Slightly Foxed has landed and we couldn't be happier. Just look at its beautiful black cloth binding and red endpapers.

John Moore

August 1 2016
The 34th Slightly Foxed Edition is in, Brensham Village by John Moore and we thought it was a great opportunity to have a look at two of his books that they have republished in their charming cloth bound limited editions. 

Suzanne St Albans - Mango and Mimosa

April 1 2016

This was one of the first Slightly Foxed Editions that I fell in love with. I highly recommend you read it! 

Mimosa in sunlight

Neon Pink

October 21 2015

I love Neon Pink

Present Wrapping Service

October 1 2015

We are happy to wrap your presents before sending them out! 
Blue Bowl ribbon


October 1 2015
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Just a quick explanation of how we like to do things here at Blue Bowl. 

Indian Summer

September 27 2015

After a long, eventful summer, Blue Bowl is finally ready to launch. It seems fitting that it is ready just as the amazing Indian Summer is in full swing.