Anthony Rhodes - Sword of Bone

The latest limited edition Slightly Foxed has landed and we couldn't be happier. Just look at its beautiful black cloth binding and red endpapers. 

One hand on the keyboard, the other holds this book which is VERY hard to put down! Luckily the red silk ribbon matches the endpapers, so if you are doing two things at once you can keep track of where you are. 

To help you decide which of the slightly foxed editions you should buy I've asked our friends at Slightly Foxed to describe each book to you. Here goes: 

It’s hard to imagine that anyone who took part in the disaster of Dunkirk could write an amusing book about it. But that is what Anthony Rhodes has done in Sword of Bone, his wry account of the events leading up to the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force in May 1940.  By being observant and cool-headed, with an ironic sense of humour, he manages to capture the absurdity as well as the tragedy of what took place.

Hanging about in France during the period known as the ‘phoney war’, Rhodes and his fellow officers were entertained to sumptuous meals by local dignitaries and enjoyed sociable springtime visits to Paris and to the Maginot Line.

The whole experience had elements of French farce – the hastily arranged billeting of the platoon in a convent; the embarrassments caused by the fact that French doctors had red lights over their surgery doors; the lack of supplies followed by huge over-supplies of building materials – but when the Germans finally bypassed the Maginot Line all that was over. Rhodes gives a terrifying description of what it was like being dive-bombed

Anthony Rhodes Book, Hawes Watering Can, Niwaki Scissorsby the Germans on the beach at Dunkirk. It was an experience that would affect him deeply. For all its humour, Sword of Bone is a penetrating comment on the cruelty of war. 

So whether you are looking for a present for your other half, or for yourself, we highly recommend this one. The books are a limited edition of 2000 so grab them here while you can! 

You can also join our black and gold theme by adding a black haws watering can and a pair of fantastic Niwaki garden scissors to your order. 

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