Christmas Edit 2019

Christmas shopping can be quite overwhelming!! 

We thought we'd do a little round up of our favourite products of 2019 to help you get some ideas. 

Squiggly Waste Paper Bin

These bins are proving super popular, and they come with an ingenious liner so that you don't have to use a horrible plastic bag. Beautiful AND useful! 

Leopard Ornaments

We stock a load of amazing Christmas decorations. They look great hung on a tree, or prancing down a beautifully laid table. The zebras are so popular, but this year I think my favourite is the leopard. 

Leopard Ornament

Goe Oil

This amazing body oil can be used in a myriad of ways. I like to use it year round as a body oil, but it is especially useful when I go away. 

The one stop product was thought up and made by Gale and her wonderful father, David, who is a retired R&D chemist. They wanted to create natural multi purpose products that look and smell amazing. They deserve a huge round of applause as they totally hit the spot with their entire range.

The one thing to remember is that if the oil isn't absorbing then you are using too much. Oh and that the oil melts in the heat, so don't pour the hole tube out in one go! 

Goe Oil

Are you Callin' me a Cheetah?

This great little game is perfect for all the family! You can play snap with littles or use the fact leaflet to play some memory games with the cards. 

Cheetah game

Fish China 

This white porcelain has a beautiful blue fish on all the different styles, from bowls to ginger jars. A welcome addition to any kitchen. 

Fish China

Dragonfly Stationery

This new design is flying off the shelves! We are totally thrilled that you like it!

Pink Ribbon Zip Bag

These handmade zip bags all have a world map lining and can be hand embroidered with any name or initials. We like the pink ribbons with a blue zip. How about you?

Pink Ribbon Bag

Paperwhites in the Post

Perfect for the person having loads of people to stay over Christmas, this present will fill vases and vases with the beautifully scented flowers straight from the Scilly Isles. Yum!


Please do get in touch if you have a Christmas list and would like some inspiration. We work alongside a variety of people to help them make the shopping process as painless as possible! 

xx Florence & the Blue Bowl team... including Ouch! 

Florence & Ouch



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