Metal Flower Frog


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These great little metal flower frogs are a wonderful environmentally friendly tool for flower arranging!

Known in Japan as Kenzan, they were much beloved by our parents and grandparents, they are becoming increasingly popular for for environmentally friendly western style flower arranging, doing away with nasty green foam completely. The brass pins are strong enough for woody material, as well as soft green and grass stems. The mini set is super useful as you can place them in difficult to arrange places in your vase to give the whole look a lift! 

Choose between: 
Set of four, each mini frog measures approx. 25mm across.
Small single circular flower frog measuring 36cm across.
Large single circular flower frog measuring 80mm across. (pre order, should only take a few days)

Don't forget to get a little brass 'Naoshi!'
These indispensable little Japanese tools designed to straighten, clean and generally look after your flower frogs. They measure 7cm long, and come with a charming bell. 

Here are some videos I took to show the mini frog in action: 

And here is a video of the same arrangement without the mini flower frog: