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These were such a formative part of my childhood that I couldn't resist selling them. 

Sold in sets of four paperback books. 

First Set: 
Asterix the Gaul
Asterix & the Golden Sickle
Asterix & the Goths
Asterix The Gladiator

Second Set: 
Asterix & the Banquet
Asterix & Cleopatra
Asterix & the Big Fight
Asterix in Britain

Third Set:

Asterix and the Normans
Asterix the Legionary
Asterix and the Cheiftain's Shield
Asterix at the Olympic Games 

Fourth Set:

Asterix and the Cauldron
Asterix in Spain
Asterix and the Roman Agent
Asterix in Switzerland

Fifth Set:

The Mansions of the Gods
Asterix and the Laurel Wreath
Asterix and the Soothsayer
Asterix in Corsica

Sixth Set:

Asterix and Caesar's Gift
Asterix and the Great Crossing
Obelix & Co

Asterix in Belgium

Seventh Set:

Asterix and the Great Divide
Asterix and the Black Gold
Asterix and Son
Asterix and the Magic Carpet

Eighth Set:

Asterix and the Secret Weapon
Asterix and Obelix All at Sea
Asterix and the Actress
Asterix and the Class Act

Ninth Set: 

Asterix and the Falling Sky
Asterix and the Vikings

Single books can be ordered, if they aren't in stock they'll be ordered for delivery asap, please contact us with info.